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The world’s oldest family companies

Is there any institution more enduring or universal than a family business? Professor William O’Hara, the pre-eminent expert on this subject, posed that rhetorical question in his recent book, Centuries of Success. He also provided his answer: “Before the multinational corporation, there was family business. Before the Industrial Revolution, there was family business. Before the enlightenment of Greece and the empire of Rome, there was family business.”

Since the mid-1990s, research by O’Hara and his associate Peter Mandel has provided the foundation for two of this magazine’s most popular features: “America’s Oldest Family Companies” (updated most recently in Spring 2003) and “The World’s Oldest Foreign Family Companies” (Spring 2002). But the list that follows is the most definitive of all. In it we’ve combined the two previous lists, added newly discovered companies, and weeded out businesses that no longer qualify. The result is a compilation of the world’s 100 oldest continuously family-owned firms—all firms that can indisputably claim to have outlasted governments, nations, cities and certainly once-mighty corporations.  

All of the listed companies are at least 225 years old; four have lasted in the same family for more than a millennium. The very oldest remains Japanese temple-builder Kongo Gumi, founded in 578.  

As we’ve noted before, this compilation is hardly scientific; it’s certainly not comprehensive or entirely accurate. It relies instead on the best information available to us. As in the past, readers are invited to pass along corrections or information that we may have missed.


1. Kongo Gumi

Construction/Osaka, Japan

Founded: 578

40th generation


Prince Shotoku brought Kongo family members to Japan from Korea more than 1,400 years ago to build the Buddhist Shitennoji Temple, which still stands. Over the centuries, Kongo Gumi has participated in the construction of many famous buildings, including the 16th-century Osaka castle. Today the family continues to build and repair religious temples and manage general contracting from its Osaka headquarters. Current president is Toshitaka Kongo; his 51-year-old son, Masakazu Kongo, is waiting in the wings.


建筑施工/日本大阪     成立于:公元578年     第 40代 

大约 1400多年前,Shotoku王子带领金刚家族成员从朝鲜来到日本修建了至今还存在的 Shitemnoiji佛教寺庙。金刚组就此诞生。数个世纪以来,金刚组参与了许多著名建筑物的建设施工,其中包括 16世纪的 Osaka城堡。时至今日,该家族还在建设和维修一些宗教寺庙并通过其大阪总部管理一般的承包工程。现任总裁是金刚Toshitaka。他的51岁的儿子金刚Masakazu将是他的继承人。



2.Hoshi Ryokan

Innkeeping/Komatsu, Japan

Founded: 718

46th generation


According to legend, the god of Mount Hakusan visited a Buddhist priest, telling him to uncover an underground hot spring in a nearby village. The hot spring was found, and the priest requested that his disciple, a woodcutter’s son named Garyo Saskiri, build and run a spa on the site. His family, known as Hoshi, have run a hotel in Komatsu ever since; the current structure houses 450 people in 100 rooms. Zengoro Hoshi is the current patriarch. 


饭店管理/日本小松市    成立于:公元 718年    第 46代 

根据族谱记载,Hakusan山神曾拜访过一名佛教牧师,并叫他打开附近村庄的一个地下温泉。发现温泉后,牧师要求他的弟子(一名伐木工人的儿子,名叫 Garyo Saskiri)在该位置修建并运营温泉度假胜地。自那以后,Garyo Saskiri家族(常被人们称为 Hoshi)就一直在小松市经营一家宾馆。该宾馆目前有 100套房间,能容纳 450人入住。当前的家族领袖是Zengoro Hoshi。



3. Château de Goulaine

Vineyard, museum, butterfly collection/Haute Goulaine, France

Founded: 1000


The castle, owned by the Goulaine family, houses a rare butterfly collection in addition to a museum. It hosts various functions, including weddings. Wine is available for sale at the castle’s vineyards. 

 3.Chateau de Goulaine 

葡萄园、博物馆、蝴蝶收藏/法国 Haute Goulaine 

成立于:公元 1000年 




4. Fonderia Pontificia Marinelli

Bell foundry/Agnone, Italy

Founded: c. 1000

Bell foundry founded in the small central Italian town of Agnone, high in the Appenine hills. Still uses the original wax techniques of its founders (a wax “false bell” is overlaid with the real thing); its bells toll in New York, Beijing, Jerusalem, South America and Korea, among other locations. Firm has 20 employees, including five members of the founding Marinelli family. Pasquale Marinelli is current managing director. A museum, opened in 1997, features the work of Pasquale’s brother, sculptor Ettore Marinelli. 

 4.Fonderia Pontificia Marinelli 

 铸钟场/意大利 Agnone      成立于:公元 1000年 

 铸钟场建立在意大利中部小镇 Agnone,高高耸立于亚平宁山脉之颠。仍然采用其创始人最初采用的上蜡技术(蜡“人造钟”以实物覆盖)。铸钟场还为其他国家和地区修建钟楼,如纽约、北京、耶路撒冷、南美和朝鲜。该企业有 20名员工,包括 Marinelli铸钟家族的五名家族成员。Pasquale Marinelli是企业现任总经理。企业于 1997年修建了一家博物馆,用于展示 Pasquale兄弟雕刻家 Ettore Marinelli的作品。



 5. Barone Ricasoli

Wine and olive oil/Siena, Italy

Founded: 1141


The Ricasoli barons were first given their land by the Republic of Florence; today their Brolio Estate covers about 3,600 acres. The family’s main focus is its wine production, although 26 acres of the estate are used for olive cultivation.   

5.Barone Ricasoli

酒和橄榄油/意大利锡耶纳市     成立于: 1141年 

Ricasoli男爵是第一个获得佛罗伦萨共和国封地的人。目前,其家族的Brolio庄园占地 3600英亩。尽管有 26英亩的土地是用来种植橄榄的,但家族的主要产业是葡萄酒生产。



6. Barovier & Toso

Glass making/Murano Venezia, Italy

Founded: 1295

20th generation


The Barovier family produces crystalline glass, mother-of-pearl glass and gold-free cornelian red on Murano Island, about a ten-minute ferry ride from Venice. The Baroviers merged with the Toso family, who were also glassmakers on Murano Island, in 1936.  

 6.Barovier& Toso 

玻璃制造/意大利Murano Venezia     成立于:1295年    第 20代 

Barovier家族在 Murano岛生产水晶玻璃、珍珠母玻璃。从威尼斯乘船至该岛大约需要十分钟的时间。Baroviers与 Toso家族于 1936年联姻,Baroviers也是 Murano岛上的玻璃制造商。



7. Hotel Pilgrim Haus

Innkeeping/Soest, Germany

Founded: 1304


The Hotel Pilgrim Haus is operated by the Andernach family in the town of Soest, about 110 miles north of Frankfurt.  

7.Pilgrim Haus宾馆 

宾馆管理/德国 Soest镇     成立于:1304年 

Hotel Pilgrim Haus宾馆位于Soest镇,离法兰克福约110英里,由 Andernach家族经营。



8. Richard de Bas

Paper/Ambert d’Auvergne, France

Founded: 1326


Richard de Bas has a longstanding reputation for high-quality papers, which has led to many high-profile jobs. The company has supplied paper for limited-edition works by Braque and Picasso. It also operates a museum.  

8.Richard de Bas 

纸/法国 Ambert d’Auvergne     成立于:1326年 

Richard de Bas因其制造高质量纸张而长期享有盛誉,并为当地带来了众多的就业机会。该企业为 Braque和 Picasso提供用于制作限量发行出版物的纸张。企业还经营着一家博物馆。



9. Torrini Firenze

Goldsmiths/Florence, Italy

Founded: 1369


Jacopus Torrini moved to Florence from his native village of Scarperia to forge armor for Florentine knights. His workshop later evolved into a goldsmith, creating jewels and other precious objects. Perhaps the family’s most valued possession is its secretive and exclusive “Oro Nativo” manufacturing process, a method of working with gold while retaining its most natural color.  

9.Torrini Firenze 

金饰品制作/意大利佛罗伦萨      成立于:1369年 

Jacopus Torrini从其家乡 Scarperia搬迁到佛罗伦萨为佛罗伦萨武士铸造盔甲。后来其加工场转行从事金饰品加工,生产珠宝和其他贵重物品。该家族最有价值的资产也许是其秘不外传的独家“Oro Nativo”制作工艺,该工艺是一种不改变金本色的金加工方法。



10. Antinori

Wine/Florence, Italy

Founded: 1385

19th generation


The Antinori family has been in the wine business since Giovanni di Piero Antinori joined the Florentine Guild of Vintners more than 600 years ago. Marchese (or “Count”) Piero Antinori, and his three daughters currently oversee a system of vineyards in Italy, the U.S., Hungary, Malta and Chile that continue to be recognized by consumers and wine critics for their superior-quality Chiantis and other vintages. He sold 49% to British beer brewer Whitbred in 1983, later bought it back. The company has been housed in a Florentine 


 酒业/意大利佛罗伦萨     成立于:1385年     第19代 

自600多年前 Giovanni di Piero Antinori加盟佛罗伦萨葡萄酒商协会以来,Antinori家族就一直在从事葡萄酒产业。该家族在意大利、美国、匈牙利、马耳他和智利的葡萄园体系由 Marchese(或 Count) Piero Antinori及其三个女儿管理。该企业生产的高质量基安蒂红葡萄酒和其他葡萄酒产品一直以来都被广大消费者和酒类鉴赏家所认可。该企业于 1983年向英国啤酒制造商 Whitbred出售了 49%的股权,后又收回。自 1506年以来,企业总部一直设在佛罗伦萨的一座豪华的宫殿内。



11. Camuffo

Shipbuilding/Portogruaro, Italy

Founded: 1438

18th generation

The business began in Khanià, a Venetian port on the island of Crete. It was founded by a man locals called “Camuffi” but whose real name was El Ham Muftì. The family has supplied boats to Mohammed the Second, the Venetian Republic, Napoleon, the Asburg Imperial and the Royal Italian navies. Experts refer to a Camuffo boat as “the Stradivarius of the sea.”   

 11. Camuffo 

造船业/意大利Portogruaro     成立于:1438年     第18代 

该企业始建于克利特岛上的威尼斯港口 Khanià,由当地一名被叫作 Camuffi的男性居民创建,他的真实姓名是 El Ham Mufti。该企业为穆罕默德二世、威尼斯共和国、拿破仑、Asburg帝国和意大利皇家海军提供船只。专家们将 Camuffo的船只称作“海洋小提琴”。



12. Baronnie de Coussergues

Wine/Montblanc, France

Founded: 1495

16th generation


When King Charles VIII began selling royal property in France to pay off some of his expenses, Pierre Raymond de Sarret bought the estate known as Coussergues. Today the vineyard produces a wide variety of wines, including Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs, Viogniers, Cabernet Francs, Merlots and Cabernet Sauvignons. The Sarret family sells 1.5 million bottles a year and has won numerous gold medals for its wines. 

12.Baronnie de Coussergues 

葡萄酒/法国 Montblanc      成立于:1495年     第16代 

在查尔斯八世国王开始变卖皇家财产以支付其开支时,Pierre Raymond de Sarret买下了名叫 Coussergues的庄园。当前,葡萄园生产各种葡萄酒,包括夏敦埃酒、Sauvignon Blancs、Viogniers、品丽珠、墨尔乐红葡萄酒和红葡萄酒 Sauvignons。Sarret家族每年销售 150万瓶,其葡萄酒曾多次获得金奖。



13. Grazia Deruta

Ceramics/Turin, Italy

Founded: 1500

The company produces majolica, a special type of ceramic that pre-dates the 13th century. Current CEO Ubaldo Grazia has expanded the company’s business into the U.S. market and has produced three exclusive designs for Henri Bendel. Grazia has also done work for other major department stores and labels, such as Neiman-Marcus and Tiffany. 

13.Grazia Deruta 

陶瓷/意大利都灵      成立于:1500年 

这家企业制造一种始于13世纪的特种陶瓷——花饰陶瓷。现任首席执行官Ubaldo Grazia已将业务拓展到美国并为Henri Bendel独家制作了三种款式的花饰陶瓷。Grazia还为其它一些百货企业和品牌厂商,如Neiman-Marcus和蒂凡尼提供陶瓷产品。



14. Fabbrica D’Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A.

Firearms/Gardone, Italy

Founded: 1526

14th generation


Bartolomeo Beretta’s world-class gun-maker is now a Hollywood favorite; its guns appear in the James Bond series, among other films. Beretta’s reputation for quality craftsmanship enabled the company to wrest a $56 million U.S. armed forces contract away from competitor Colt Industries. Beretta is the weapon of choice of other law-enforcement agencies around the world, such as the Italian Carabinieri, French Gendarmes and Texas Rangers. The company also has earned distinction for its line of hunting weapons. Ugo Gussalli Beretta is the company’s current president.  

14. Fabbrica D’Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. 

军火/意大利 Gardone      成立于:1526年    第14代 

Bartolomeo Beretta是世界级军火商,现在非常受好莱坞的欢迎。它制造的军火在邦德系列影片和其他电影中大显身手。而其高水平的 Beretta技术使该企业在与对手 Colt Industries公司的竞标中赢得了价值 5600万美元的军火合同。Beretta是一种供全球其他执法机构选用的武器,如意大利 Carabinieri、法国宪兵和德克萨斯巡逻队。该企业在猎枪领域也享有盛誉。现任总裁是Ugo Gussalli Beretta。



15. William Prym GmbH & Co.

Copper, brass, haberdashery/Stolberg, Germany

Founded: 1530


Goldsmith Wilhelm Prym started a brass and copper manufacturing business in Aachen in 1530. In 1642, the Protestant Prym family lost its guild rights in the Catholic city of Aachen and moved to Stolberg. In the 19th century, Prym developed the first finished products made of brass, iron and steel and later manufactured the first metal haberdashery products to be made mechanically. Michael Prym (born 1943) and Axel Prym (born 1950) are among the current company managers. 

 15.William Prym GmbH& Co 

 紫铜、黄铜、缝纫用品/德国 Stolberg      成立于:1530年 

金匠 Wilhelm Prym于 1530年在亚琛开始经营黄铜和紫铜制造业务。但是,1642年作为新教徒的 Prym家族丧失了其在天主教城市亚琛的从业权。然后,他们移居到 Stolberg。十九世纪,Prym企业最先开发了由黄铜、铁和钢制成的成品,随后又采用机械设备制造了第一个金属缝纫用品。生于1943年的Michel Prym和生于1950年的Axel Prym是该企业现任经理。



16. John Brooke & Sons

Woolens/Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Founded: 1541

15th generation


The company, founded by John Brooke, has provided fabrics for British troops (Battle of Trafalgar, World War II), French troops and Russian military personnel. In the 19th century it had 220 looms and 900 employees, down to 280 by 1969. Today it’s headed by Mark Brooke and his brother Massimo Brooke. Mark has changed the company’s focus within the past decade, abandoning manufacturing and instead creating an entrepreneurial development park in the firm’s old mill buildings. 

 16. John Brooke& Sons 

毛纺织品/英国 Huddersfield      成立于:1541年     第15代 

它由John Brooke创建,当初的主要业务是为英国军队(第二次世界大战的特拉法尔加角战役)、法国军队和俄国军人提供纺织品。19世纪,该企业拥有 220台织布机、900名员工。1969年裁员到 280名。该企业现在由 Mark Brooke及其兄弟 Massimo Brooke领导。Mark转变了企业的经营重点,放弃经营制造业,转而将企业陈旧的厂房改建为工业开发区。



17. Codorniu

Wine/Saint Sadurní d’Anoia, Spain

Founded: 1551


Jaime Codorniu acquired the company in 1551, beginning centuries of family ownership. In 1976 King Juan Carlos I declared the Codorniu estate a national historic and artistic monument. The estate is visited by 200,000 people every year and produces about 60 million bottles of wine annually.


 酒业/西班牙 Saint Sadurníd’Anoia      成立于:1551年 

Jaime Codorniu于 1551年创建了企业,从此开始了持续数个世纪的家族产业。1976年,胡安·卡洛斯一世国王宣布为 Codorniu庄园立国家历史和艺术丰碑。庄园每年有 200000名游客观光,每年生产 6千万瓶葡萄酒。



18. Fonjallaz

Wine/Lavaux, Switzerland

Founded: 1552

13th generation


Pierre Fonjallaz began the family business when he “devoted himself to the growing of the vine,” as the label on a bottle of Fonjallaz wine will tell you. The company is now headed by Patrick Fonjallaz.  

18. Fonjallaz 

酒业/瑞士 Lavaux      成立于:1552年     第13代 

在他“献身于葡萄种植”时,Pierre Fonjallaz就开始经营家族生意。Fonjallaz葡萄酒包装瓶上的标签中介绍了这一情况。该企业现在由 Patrick Fonjallaz掌管。



19. von Poschinger Manufaktur

Glassmaking/Frauenau, Germany

Founded: 1568

13th generation


The von Poschinger glassworks in Germany began in 1568 when Joachim Poschinger took ownership of a glass factory near Frauenau, near the Czech border. Today the business is divided into three areas—farming, forestry and glass works—though glassmaking is still the focal point of family business affairs.  

19.von Poschinger Manufaktur 

玻璃制造业/德国 Frauenau      成立于:1568年     第13代 

德国 von Poschinger玻璃企业成立于 1568年。它的前身是捷克斯洛伐克边界 Frauenau的一家玻璃工厂。该企业目前有三个经营方向:农业种植、森林和玻璃制造。当然玻璃制造仍然是该企业的主导经营方向。



20. Hacienda Los Lingues

Ranch/San Fernando, Chile

Founded: c. 1575

15th generation


The Angostura Estate, located in Chile’s Central Valley 78 miles south of Santiago, was originally granted by royal decree of Spanish King Felipe II to Don Melchor Jufré del Aguila for merit in the arts of war and fine writing. Currently dedicated to the hotel business. Named best wine valley in the world by Wine Enthusiast magazine; has a strategic agreement with Viña Los Vascos (Domaines Barons de Rothschild [Lafite]) under which Viña Los Vascos produces, bottles and labels a selection of five wines under the trademarks Hacienda Los Lingues and Los Lingues. It’s also the home of one of the most prestigious horse stables in the Americas: the Aculeo Stable, which features horses brought to Spain by the Moors in 711 and later brought to the New World by the Spanish Conquistadors. Family member Germán Claro Lyon is the general manager. 



21. Wachsendustrie Fulda Adam Gies

Candles, wax figures/Fulda, Germany

Founded: 1589

Maker of candles and wax figures still operated by the founding Gies family. 

21. Wachsendustrie Fulda Adam Gies 

 蜡烛、蜡像/德国 Fulda      成立于:1589年 

该企业的蜡烛和蜡像产业目前仍然由其创始家族 Gies经营。



22. Berenberg Bank

Banking/Hamburg, Germany

Founded: 1590


One of the few remaining independently owned banks in Germany.

 22. Berenberg Bank

银行业/德国 Hamburg     成立于:1590年 




23. R. Durtnell & Sons

Construction/Kent, United Kingdom

Founded: 1591

12th generation


Founder John Durtnell and his brother Brian built their first house in 1593. It still stands and is occupied to this day. The company, based in Kent, is extremely versatile; its projects have included the Royal Military Academy, Chartwell House (Winston Churchill’s home) and Buckingham Palace.

23. R. Durtnell& Sons

 建筑业/英国 Kent      成立于:1591年    第12代

创始人 John Durtnell及其兄弟 Brian于 1593年修建起了该企业承揽的第一个建筑物,而该建筑物至今仍屹立不倒。企业总部设在Kent。它所经营的业务范围很广,所承揽的项目包括皇家军事学院、Chartwell府邸(温斯顿·丘吉尔府邸)和白金汉宫。



24. J.P. Epping of Pippsvadr


Founded: 1595

24.J.P. Epping of Pippsvadr

杂货店/德国      成立于:1595年



25. Eduard Meier

Shoes/Munich, Germany

Founded: 1596

13th generation


The company today is run by Peter Eduard Meier and his sister Brigitte. Its product line consists of about 4,500 items.

25. Eduard Meier

鞋/德国慕尼黑     成立于:1596年     第13代

该企业当前由 Peter Eduard Meier和其妹妹 Brigitte负责经营。其产品系列涵盖 4500个品种。



26. Toraya

Confectioners/Tokyo, Japan

Founded: pre-1600

17th generation


Japan’s oldest traditional confectionery has been making the sweet delicacy known as wagashi since its founding in Kyoto by Enchu Kurokawa. After his son Kichiemon Kurokawa cultivated relationships with Japan’s nobility, the firm became purveyor to Japan’s Imperial Court in the 17th and 18th centuries. The firm moved to Tokyo in 1879 and opened its first branch retail outlet in 1962. Today, under Mitsuhiro Kurokawa, a former banker, the firm operates 79 shops with revenues of about $150 million.


糖果业/日本东京      成立于:1600年前    第17代 

该企业由Enchu Kurokawa创建,是日本历史最悠久的传统糖果制造企业。Enchu Kurokawa的儿子 Kichiemon Kurokawa与日本权贵私交很好,于是,该企业便在 17和 18世纪成为日本皇宫的饮食供应商。1879年,该企业搬迁到东京,并于 1962年开立了第一家零售商店。目前,在前银行行长 Mitsuhiro Kurokawa的领导下,该企业经营着 79家商店,营业收入达到 1500万美元。



27. Tissiman & Sons Ltd.

Tailors and outfitters/Bishop’s Stortford, United Kingdom

Founded: 1601


Established as a tailor, draper and undertaker; now offers formal and casual clothes and shoes. The original building in Bishop’s Stortford (which dates from about 1360) is still in use. 

27. Tissiman& Sons Ltd.

缝纫业和服饰用品业/英国 Bishop’s Stortford      成立于:1601年

该企业最初承揽过制衣、纺织和承包等业务,目前主要经营适合于正式场合和非正式场合穿着的衣服和鞋子。该企业目前仍然沿用始建于1360年的管理基地 Bishop’s Stortford。



28. Enshu Sado School

Ceremonial tea school/Tokyo, Japan

Founded: c. 1602

13th generation


The school has thrived for 400 years, imparting the traditional Sado tea ceremony and its culture to Japanese. Founded by Lord Enshu Kobori (1579-1647), who served as official tea instructor for Japan’s second and third shogun and built the famous Nagoya and Osaka castles. Current grand master Sojitsu Kobori succeeded his father in 2001 at age 44 and now oversees a staff of 20 with 30,000 practitioners, 53 local chapters in Japan, international chapters in Holland and Korea, and a school in Singapore. He goes to the school’s ancestor room each morning to pay his respects to his forebears.

28.Enshu Sado School

礼仪茶艺学校/日本东京      成立于:1602年     第13代

该学校已经历了400年的辉煌。它的主要业务是向日本人推广传统的 Sado茶艺礼仪和茶文化。它是由贵族 Enshu Kobori(1579~1647)创办的。Enshu Kobori曾担任过日本第二和第三代幕府将军的官方茶艺教官并负责修建了著名的名古屋和大阪城堡。 

该学校的现任校长 Sojitsu Kobori于 2001年,在他 44岁时从他的父亲手中继承了这座学校,负责管理学校的 20名教职工和 30000名学员。该学校有 53种日本本土教程和一些来自荷兰和朝鲜的教程,并在新加坡开办了分校。Sojitsu Kobori每天早晨都要到学校的祠堂去参拜他的先辈们。



29. Takenaka

Construction/Osaka, Japan

Founded: 1610


Takenaka has built office buildings for some of Japan’s major corporations, such as Mitsui Bank and Nippon Life Insurance. The family company has won many awards for design, technique and quality.


建筑业/日本大阪      成立于:1610年 




30. Mellerio dits Meller

Jewelry/Paris, France

Founded: 1613

15th generation


Members of the Mellerio family from Lombardy, Italy, became seasonal workers in France in the 16th century as purveyors of handcrafted jewelry. The family became royal favorites when it helped foil an attempted assassination of King Louis XIII. Located today near the Place Vendôme in Paris, Mellerio is known for fine jewelry and as designers and creators of the French Open tennis championship trophies.

30.Mellerio dits Meller

珠宝业/法国巴黎     成立于:1613年     第15代 

来自意大利伦巴底的 Mellerio家族成员是 16世纪的法国季节工,后来成为手工珠宝的指定供应商。该家族由于帮助阻止一次暗杀路易斯八世的活动而成为皇家亲信。该企业座落在巴黎 Vend?me宫附近,以精美的珠宝而著称。它还是法国网球公开赛冠军奖品的指定设计者和生产商。



31. Cartiera Mantovana Corp.

Paper/Mantua, Italy

Founded: 1615


The Marenghi family, descendants of Riccio da Parma (a knight famous for his battles in the early 1500s), owns the company. On July 1, 1615, the Duke of Mantua granted the family the privilege to make and and sell paper; production began that year. The company is currently run by Cristina Marenghi and her sons Marcofabio, Alberto and Vittorio.

31.Cartiera Mantovana Corp.

纸业/意大利 Mantua      成立于:1615年

Marenghi家族的祖先是在16世纪立下显赫战功的Riccio da Parma。1615年7月1日,Mantua公爵授予该家族制造和销售纸张的特权。在获得授权的当年,Marenghi家族即开始生产和销售纸张。该企业目前由 Cristina Marenghi及其儿子 Marcofabio、Alberto和 Vittorio经营。 



32. Zildjian Cymbal Co.

Cymbals/Norwell, Mass.

Founded: 1623

14th generation


Founded in Constantinople by an alchemist named Avedis I, who discovered an extremely musical metal alloy to create powerful, durable cymbals. The sultan named him “Zildjian,” Armenian for “cymbalsmith.” The family arrived in the U.S. in 1909, in time for Avedis Zildjian III to establish ties with the hot new jazz drummers of the day. His son Armand (1921-2002) created modern factory. Today his daughters Craigie (CEO) and Debbie (VP/human resources) run the company, the first women chiefs in the firm’s long history.  

32.Zildjian Cymbal Co.

铙钹/马萨诸塞州 Norwell     成立于:1623年     第14代 

企业由一名叫 Avedis I的炼金术士在君士坦丁堡创建,Avedis I发现了一种非常悦耳的金属合金,可用于制作坚固耐久的铙钹。国家元首称他是“Zildjian”、“铙钹匠”亚美尼亚人。该家族于 1909年 Avendis Zildjian III时代迁到美国,并与当时新出现的热门爵士乐鼓手建立了关系。其家族成员Armand(1921-2002)创建了现代化的工厂。今天,他的两个女儿 Craigie(首席执行官)和 Debbie(副总裁/人力资源部)掌管着该家族企业。这两位管理者是该企业历史上首次启用的女性领袖。



33. Kikkoman

Soy sauce/Noda, Japan

Founded: 1630


On the run after her husband’s military defeat and death at the Osaka castle in the 16th century, widow Shige Maki escaped to Noda, Japan, and established a small business making what was to become soy sauce. The family business became a unified company in 1917 when eight branches of the Mogi family merged their companies together. The company has grown into the world’s largest producer of soy sauce products.


酱油/日本 Noda      成立于:1630年

丈夫在16世纪的大阪城堡之战中战败身亡后,寡妇 Shige Maki逃亡到日本 Noda,并开始了后来被称作酱油的作料的制作生意。1917年,Mogi家族的八个分支将他们各自的家族企业合并在一起组建成一家企业。该企业目前已发展成为全球最大的酱油产品生产商。



34. Sumitomo Corp.

Conglomerate/Tokyo, Japan

Founded: 1630


Masatomo Sumitomo opened a medicine and book shop in Kyoto in the 17th century. As time went on, various members of the family added to the conglomerate, making it what it is today. Sumitomo Group’s current core consists of 20 companies focusing on banking, shipbuilding, mining, glass production, electronics, cement, lumber and chemicals. 

33.Sumitomo Corp.

联合大企业/日本东京      成立于:1630年

Masatomo Sumitomo于 17世纪在东京开办了一家药品及书籍商店。随着时间的推移,该家族的各个成员加入到联合大企业中,从而形成了今日的规模。现在的Sumitomo集团由 20家企业构成,主要从事银行业、商场建设、采矿、玻璃制造、电子、水泥、木材和化工。



35. Akerblads

Hotel/Tällberg, Sweden

Founded: 1630

21st generation


This charming hotel in Tällberg is currently run by members of the 19th through 21st generations of the Akerblads family. The property has been remodeled and expanded over the years but still conveys a 17th-century atmosphere while offering excellent cuisine and warm Swedish hospitality.


宾馆/瑞典 T?llberg     成立于:1630年    第21代

这家 T?llberg是世界上最引人注目的宾馆之一,目前由 Akerblads家族的第 19~21代后人经营。宾馆在多年的经营过中已经过重整和扩张,但它仍然沿袭了 17世纪时的家族文化,始终向人们展示其出色的烹饪技艺和瑞典风格的热情好客。



36. Tuttle Farm

Agriculture/Dover, N.H.

Founded: 1635-38?

11th generation

Founder John Tuttle left England in 1635, survived a shipwreck off the Maine coast and arrived in Dover with his wife and four-year-old daughter. His 240-acre farm grows vegetables and strawberries and operates retail shop on site. Twelfth-generation member Evan Hourihan, who is in his 20s, has expressed interest in the family farm.

35.Tuttle Farm

农业/新罕布什尔洲多佛     成立于:1635-38年     第11代 

创始人 John Tuttle,1635年离开英格兰,并幸运地从缅因州海岸线外的一次轮船失事事故中逃生。他带着妻子和一个四岁的女儿来到多佛定居。John Tuttle开始在240英亩的农场内种植蔬菜和草莓,并在农场内经营零售商店。其第十二代后人 Evan Houriham在 20岁时就表现出对家族农场的浓厚兴趣。



37. Gekkeikan

Sake/Fushimi, Japan

Founded: 1637

13th generation


The Gekkeikan brewery was established by Jiemon Okura in the town of Fushimi. The quality of its sake has led to the company’s appointment as the official supplier of the Japanese Imperial household. Currently, the business makes more than 170 different products and exports to more than 60 countries.

37. Gekkeikan

日本米酒/日本 Fushimi      成立于:1637年     第13代

Gekkeikan酒厂是在 Fushimi由 Jiemon Okura创建的。它所生产的米酒的品质之高,使其产品被指定为日本皇家供品。目前,该企业生产超过170种产品,并出口到 60多个国家。



38. Shirley Plantation

Historical site/Charles City, Va.

Founded: 1638

11th generation


Virginia’s oldest plantation was settled in 1613 on the James River between Richmond and Williamsburg (near the present Charles City) by Sir Thomas West. Operated as a tobacco and grain farm, 1613-1952. Acquired in 1638 by Edward Hill and managed by his descendants ever since. His great-granddaughter Elizabeth Hill married John Carter in 1723; site has been owned since then by their descendants. Under tenth-generation owner Charles Hill Carter Jr. and his wife, it was converted to a tourist attraction in 1952; since 1998, it has hosted weddings and corporate events as well under the Carters’ children.

38.Shirley Plantation

古迹/弗吉尼亚州查尔斯市      成立于:1638年     第11代

美国国弗吉尼亚州这家最古老的种植园于 1613年诞生在里士满市与威廉斯堡之间的詹姆斯河河岸上(靠近现在的查尔斯市)。它的创始人是 Thomas West爵士。1613-1952年间,它是主要种植烟草和谷类的农场。1639年,该农场被 Edward Hill收购,从此便由Edward Hill的后代经营。Edward Hill的曾孙女 Elizabeth Hill于 1723年与 John Carter结婚。后来,该农场转归他们所有。在Elizabeth Hill和John Carter的第十世后人 Charles Hill Carter Jr.及其妻子的管理下,该农场于 1952年转变为旅游胜地。1998年后,该农场又转变为举办婚礼和公司会议的场所,但仍然归 Carter的孩子们所有。



39. Hugel et Fils

Wine/Riquewihr, France

Founded: 1639

12th generation


The Hugel family’s roots in the war-torn Alsace-Lorraine region of France reach back to the 15th century. In 1639 the family began to make wine in the town of Riquewihr. Today its vintages have an outstanding international reputation and are exported to more than 100 countries.

39. Hugel et Fils

酒业/法国 Riquewihr     成立于:1639年     第12代

Hugel家族的发祥地是曾遭受战乱破坏的法国Alsace-Lorraine地区。1639年,Hugel家族开始在 Riquewihr从事酿酒业。时至今日,其酿酒技术已获得了国际盛誉,产品出口到了100多个国家。



40. James Lock & Co.

Hatters/London, United Kingdom

Founded: 1642


The company was founded by James Lock and now makes men’s and women’s hats. One of its most recognized creations is the bowler.

40.James Lock& Co.

帽子制造商/英国伦敦      成立于:1642年

该企业由 James Lock创建,目前生产男女式帽子。最受欢迎的产品是圆顶硬礼帽.



41. Barker’s Farm

Dairy and apples/North Andover, Mass.

Founded: 1642

11th generation

Family farm now run the Barker family. Visitors can pick produce.

41.Barker’s Farm

牛奶和苹果/麻省 North Andover     成立于:1642年     第11代

该家族农场目前经营 Barker乐园。在乐园内,游客可随意采摘苹果。



42. G.C. Fox & Co.

Shipping agent/Falmouth, United Kingdom

Founded: 1646

Shipping agent (now travel agency as well) founded by George Croker Fox.

42. G.C. Fox& Co.

运输代理/英国 Falmouth     成立于:1646年 

该企业目前从事运输代理和旅游代理。其创始人是George Croker Fox。



43. R.H. Levey& Son 

丧葬服务/英国 Stansted Mountfitchet      成立于:1649年



44. William Adams & Sons

Potters/Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

Founded: 1650

12th generation


The family has been producing pottery since at least 1448. In 1650, brothers William and Thomas established their pottery business in Burslem, about 35 miles south of Liverpool. It’s currently run by members of the 11th and 12th generations.

44. William Adams& Sons

制陶业/英国 Stoke-on-Trent     成立于:1650年    第12代 

家族至少早在1448年便开始制作陶器。1650年,William和Thomas兄弟在距离利屋普南大约 35英里的 Burslem创办了他们的陶器企业。企业目前由家族的第11和12代后人经营。



45. Ulefos Jernvaerk

Metals, milling, forestry/Telemark, Norway

Founded: 1657

On Aug, 8, 1657, King Fredrik III gave a royal decree allowing the Cappelen family to begin the company’s operations. The family has become involved in many different businesses over the years: owning ships, trading and producing stoves and manhole covers. The company is currently Norway’s market leader in manhole covers, which accounts for 70% of the family’s business.  

45. Ulefos Jernvaerk 

金属、磨房、林业/挪威 Telemark      成立于:1657年 

1657年 8月 8日,Fredrik III国王发布了一条皇令,允许 Cappelen家族从事他们的企业经营活动。多年来该企业在船舶运输、贸易、火炉生产和井盖生产等领域都开展了业务。该企业是挪威当前井盖领域的领军企业,而此项业务占该企业总业务的 70%。



46. Van Eeghen

Trading company/Amsterdam, Netherlands

Founded: 1662

14th generation


Christiaen Van Eeghen established himself circa 1633 in Aardenburg (in the present Flanders, Belgium) as a cloth merchant. His son Jacob van Eeghen founded Van Eeghen & Co. in 1662 in Amsterdam, where the business remains. Subsequent generations launched sailing ships to spread their markets along historic spice routes to British colonies and the Far East. Today Van Eeghen continues its involvement with world trade but specializes in food products.

46. Van Eeghen

贸易企业/荷兰>阿姆斯特丹     成立于:1662年     第14代 

Christiaen Van Eeghen大约于 1633年创建于 Aardenburg(此地位于现在比利时的 Flanders)。最初的业务是经营布匹。该家族的第二代Jacob van Eeghen于 1662年在阿姆斯特丹创建了Van Eeghen公司。他的后代就在此地开始经营航海船只业务,并沿历史香料之路将市场范围扩展到英国殖民地和远东地区。目前,Van Eeghen企业仍然从事国际贸易业务,主要经营食品。



47. Schwarze & Schlichte

Distillery/Oelde, Germany

Founded: 1664

12th generation


Jan Swarte (the surname was later changed to Schwarze) began the family business in Westphalia, where he was a farmer and a distiller. Four generations later, Hermann Josef Schwarze bought a house at Herrenstrasse, where the family still lives. This house serves as the company’s headquarters. The Schwarze Group acquired the Schlichte brands in the 1990s. 

47. Schwarze& Schlichte

酿酒厂/德国 Oelde      成立于:1664年     第12代 

Jan Swarte(后来改姓 Schwarze)最初在他曾当过农场工人和酿酒师的 Westphalia经营家族产业。Jan Swarte的第四代Hermann Josef Schwarze在家族现在的居住地 Herrenstrasse购买了一栋房子。该建筑就成为该企业总部所在地。Schwarze集团在二十世纪九十年代创立了 Schlichte品牌。



48. The Seaside Inn and Cottages

Innkeeping/Kennebunkport, Maine

Founded: 1667

12th generation

Mason family


At the request of Fernando Gorges, agent for King Charles II, John Gooch was asked to reside on this oceanfront peninsula at the mouth of the Kennebunk River to ferry travelers across in the 1640s. He provided rooms and operated a tavern for travelers who stayed in the area. The family’s first dated record is Gooch’s will, dated 1667. The property was passed down for generations to the first-born son. Four generations ago the Gooches had only daughters, and the name “Severance” was introduced. The current 12th-generation innkeeper, Patricia Mason—daughter of Mike and Sandy Severance—now operates the inn with her husband, Ken.

48.Seaside Inn and Cottages

酒店经营/缅因州 Kennebunkport      成立于:1667年    第12代

Mason family,1640年,应国王查尔斯二世代理人 Fernando Gorges的要求,John Gooch搬迁到位于 Kennebunk河口处的这个沿海半岛,用渡船送来往行人过河。他为逗留在该地区的游客提供住房和饭店服务。该家族的最早记录是由 Gooch于 1667年编制的。该家族的财富长期采用长子继承制的方式得以传递。大约四世之前,Gooch夫妇只生了一个女儿。后来他们为女儿招赘了姓氏为Severance的丈夫,从此Severance这一姓氏便加入了该家族。现任酒店管理者是该家族的第 12代女继承人 Patricia Mason,她是 Mike和 sandy Severance的女儿。她与丈夫 Ken一起经营着家族酒店。



49. Early’s of Witney

Blankets/Witney, United Kingdom

Founded: 1669

Richard Early established a blanket factory in Witney in 1669, mostly contracting to spinners who worked in their homes. Family’s first weaver was his son Thomas. Brian Crawfford of the eighth generation (his mother was an Early) was with the firm from 1949 to 1986.

49. Early’s of Witney 

毯子/英国 Witney      成立于:1669年 

Richard Early于 1669年在 Witney创办了一家毯子工厂,主要雇佣纺织工人在他家中工作。该家族的第一任织毯员是Richard Early的儿子。第八代传人 Brian Crawfford在 1949至 1986年间负责管理工厂业务。



50. C. Hoare & Co.

Banking/London, United Kingdom

Founded: 1672

11th generation


The Hoare bank in London is the last survivor of the English private deposit banks that were originally established in the 17th and 18th centuries. The bank was founded by Richard Hoare and is now run by members of the tenth and 11th generations. The family’s pride in close customer relationships and meticulous service has attracted famous customers, including Samuel Pepys, Queen Charlotte, furniture makers Thomas Chippendale & Son, Lord Byron, Jane Austen and various prime ministers.

50.C. Hoare& Co.

银行业/英国伦敦      成立于:1672年     第11代

位于伦敦的 Hoare银行是唯一一家创建于 17~18世纪,并仍然生存至今英国私人储蓄银行。该银行由 Richard Hoare创建,现在由家族的第十代和第十一代后人经营。与客户建立密切关系,并提供认真细致的服务是该银行值得骄傲的成功之处。这些优点吸引了一些著名的客户,包括 Samuel Pepys、夏洛特女王、家具制造商 Thomas Chippendale& Son、拜伦爵士、Jane Austen和各届首相等。






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